Singh, Rashmi Sharma

Rashmi Sharma Singh is an immigrant from India, who has lived in the US since 1974. Having raised her children in the US, she knows first hand what conflicts arise for immigrant families in this nation. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, she was concerned about the History/Social Sciences reforms for California’s public schools, and the ‘Culture Wars’ it gave rise to; this culminated in her publishing many educational booklets, lesson plans and more about India, as Vidya Books.
With like-minded people in 1995, she also founded the nonprofit Education About South Asia Vidya, a 501, c, 3, group, This is a small, volunteer group, which can be found on; for a decade she was its president. She contributed a chapter to the book Living In America (Westview Press, 1995). Rashmi has taught at Sonoma State University in California since 1999. She is part of the team that co-teaches the highly acclaimed, interdisciplinary War and Peace Lecture series at SSU. In 2010, she re-started her previous publishing venture as a small, independent online (and Print on Demand books) press, called Vidya Books, LLC. It now offers books based anywhere, nor is it confined to Educational materials, but to any topic, for any constituency. It can be found on

Rashmi's Titles:

This Freedom is also available as print on demand (paperback) from

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