Professor Emerita,

University Studies,

Sonoma State University

Professional Development and Education:

  • M.A. in English, Delhi University, India;
  • B.A. English Honors, Delhi University, India;
  • National Archives and Records Administration course, “Using Historical Documents/Primary Sources to Teach in the Classroom,” 1998;
  • Wesleyan University and the Asia Society, “Asia in the Schools,” 1997;
  • Graduate School of Education, George Mason University, and First Liberty Institute, “Religion and the First Amendment in the School Curriculum,” 1992;
  • UCLA Extension course, “Writing for Children,” 1989;

Work Experience:

  • SSU’s War and Peace lecture series, every fall semester, Fall 03 to 2012.
  • Sonoma State University (SSU), HUM 200, Peace Studies (a course I designed), spring 2005 through 2011.
  • Guest speaker, SSU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), on Globalization, 2005.
  • SSU’s American MultiCultural Studies Department (AMCS) Fall 99 to Spring 04:
  • AMCS 360, Ethnic Literature (for four semesters),
  • AMCS 255, Ethnicity and Ethnicity in the Humanities (to nine sections),
  • AMCS 200, Race, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (for three semesters)
  • Osher LLI course, ‘The Practice of Religion, post 9-11’, Fall 03
  • Lead presenter, India Institute, North Bay International Studies Project at SSU,
  • Guest Lecturer, CSU Stanislaus, School of Education, 2001
  • Guest Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Ethnic Studies Department courses,1998
  • Guest Lecturer, CSU Fullerton, School of Education, 1997
  • Guest Lecturer, UC Berkeley Extension courses in Cross-Cultural Education, 1996 & 1997
  • Lecture to Docents, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1997
  • Lecture for teachers at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1997
Management / Administrative Experience and Consultation:
  • President and Founder, Education About South Asia – Vidya, Inc. a nonprofit, (501),(c)(3), organization, 1995-2006.
  • Program Director of one of eight national resource organizations selected for a TeachAsia grant from the Asia Society of New York, 1997
  • Member, Albany High School WASC Accreditation Committee, 1994 Chairperson, School Improvement Plan, Albany High School, 1993
  • Member, California Digital High School Committee, Albany High School, 1998-99
  • Supervisor, Internship program for UC Berkeley students to Education about South Asia Vidya, 1996 and 1997
  • Consultant, Education Department, Asian Art Museum, for India Exhibit, 1996-97
  • Consultant to editors for HBO special, How Do You Spell God, 1996
  • Reviewer, Teacher’s Guide to World Resources, World Resources Institute, 1994
  • Consultant to editor, Longman Publishing, New York, for textbook on India, 1990
Curriculum Development:
  • Curriculum Developer, new course at SSU, Religious Aspect of Diversity and Multiculturalism, taught as AMCS 481 through Extended Education.
  • New course at SSU, First Amendment Guidelines for K-12 Teachers, taught through Extended Education.
  • Co-developer and co-instructor, Osher LLI course, ‘Practice of Religion, post 9-11’, Fall 03
  • US v. Bhagat Singh Thind, original research on this case at National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC (NARA), Seattle, San Bruno, CA, and New York, published as previously unknown work in a Lesson Plan, presented at the California Council of Social Studies, and published as NARA resource.
  • Course work for Edu 600 at George Mason University – Indian Value System, India from Indian Perspectives – Varna or Caste.
Community Service and Honors:
  • Faculty Advisor and Evaluator, Project Censored, 2011, and every year since 2000.
  • Founding member of the California Faculty Association’s Affirmative Action Committee, Sonoma State chapter.
  • Guest of honor for International Women’s Day, 2004 held at SRJC, by the United Nations Association of the North Bay.
  • President (and Founder), Education About South Asia – Vidya, Inc., a nonprofit, (501),(c)(3), organization, 1995-2006.
  • Guest speaker, Osher LLI’s series on Globalization and India (in 2005), and Guest speaker, Osher LLI’s Asia in Transition (in 2003).
  • Guest of Honor at celebration of UNA’s International Women’s Day, 2004 at Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • Guest speaker, Friends House, Santa Rosa, 2004.
  • At the request of the Principal of Rancho Cotate High School, in Rohnert Park, CA, presented workshop on Race for students following racial incidents at school, spring 2004.
  • Guest speaker, University Women’s Club of the North Bay, 2003.
  • Listed as an Expert on South Asia, Sonoma State University.
  • Quoted in the Freedom Forum’s annual desk calendar, 2002.
  • Cited in Marquis Who’s Who in the West, 1998-99.
  • Journalist, weekly column “Living in America” on, 2000 to 2001.
  • Judge, Growing Up Asian in America essay contest for the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties, 1997, organized by Asian Pacific American Foundation of San Francisco; and
  • Member, organizing committee for the “Growing Up Asian in America contest organized by the Asian Pacific Heritage Fund, San Francisco, 1996-2001.
  • Cited in Something About the Author, Gale Research, 1997.
  • Profiled in California Perspectives, Special Issue: Community Canons by California Tomorrow, 1994.
  • Member, Superintendent’s Advisory Council, Albany Unified School District, 1988-94, 1996-1999.
  • Member, California Digital High School Committee, Albany High School, 1998-99.
  • Fifth ranking statewide, California Civil Service exam for Staff Analyst, administered by the State Personnel Board, 1989.
  • President, Marin Elementary School PTA, 1988.
  • Managing Editor, Albany News, a small local community newspaper, 1987-88.
  • Internship in Program Planning, Women’s Center, UC Berkeley, 1981-82.
Publications, chapters in books by others and Reprints:
  • “Crossing The Dark Waters,” introductory chapter on the history of South Asian immigration to the US in Living in America, Westview Press (now Perseus), 1995.
  • History/Social Sciences Supplementary Instructional Materials, from
  • The Blue Jackal text reprinted in Choices in Literature, Textbook Anthology for Middle Grades, Prentice Hall, 1996.
  • Ashoka, partial reprint in Teaching About India, A South Asia Curriculum, the American Forum for Global Education, New York, 1994.
Workshops on India, partial list, presenter – Rashmi Sharma Singh:
  • Faculty advisor, and lead presenter, India Institute for area K-12 teachers, North Bay International Studies Project at SSU.
  • California Council for the Social Studies (CCSS), annual conference, Oakland, 2001:Immigration Laws; at the same conference, Hinduism and Buddhism; and a panelist, Asian American authors.
  • CCSS, San Diego, March 2000, workshop on Sikhism, and another on Non-Violence.
  • Lecturer, for a teacher workshop at the Asian Art Museum, Nov 1999 Co-presenter (with Gurinder S Mann, endowed Chair of Indian Religion at UCSB), at Sikh Conference, held at UC Berkeley, June 1999.
  • Fremont Unified School District (FUSD), workshops for all district school principals, September 1998, and a second district-wide workshop for FUSD sixth grade teachers, October 1998: India.
  • University of San Francisco, School of Education, International & Multicultural Program, 1998: The Oral Folktale Tradition of India Continues in the US.
  • CCSS, Long Beach, California, 1998: India for grade 6, Essentials of Hindu and Buddhist Dharma.
  • Sonoma County Office of Education and the Redwood Empire Council of Educators for the Social Studies, 1997: The Religious Diversity of India.
  • CCSS, Sacramento, California, 1997: Teaching India with Integrity – Going Beyond Stereotypes.
  • Bay Region CCSS Affiliates and CISC Region Four and Five County Offices of Education, Bay Region Subject-Matter Projects, & CCSS, Foster City, California, 1997: India.
  • Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Teacher Workshops, Education Department, 1997: Vidya and docent lecture: Understanding India.
  • California State University, Fullerton, two sessions at a two-week India Summer Institute for Orange County educators, 1997: India.
  • UC Berkeley Extension CLAD courses in Cross-Cultural Education for Teachers, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994: India in the Curriculum.
  • Education About South Asia-Vidya, the Asia Society, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Alameda County Office of Education, Albany Middle School workshop for Bay Area Sixth grade teachers, 1997: Understanding the Diversity of India.
  • National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) annual conference, Washington, DC, 1996: Including South Asian Perspectives in Teaching About India.
  • Gandhi Peace Camp, Olema, California, 1996: Exploring South Asian American Heritage and History.
  • The American Forum for Global Education, 10th National Conference, Monterey, California, 1996: India, Perceptions and Global Realities.
  • Education About South Asia -Vidya and Albany Middle School, Albany, California, 1996: India in the Classroom.
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education, Regions H & L, Los Gatos, California1996: India for Grade 6.
  • CCSS, Long Beach, California 1996: India Made Easy for Grade 6.
  • National Council for the Social Studies, Phoenix, Arizona, 1994: India and Stereotypes:Critical Thinking in Action.
  • California Poets in the Schools Annual Conference at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California, 1994: Mandala: Immigrant Identity of South Asians in the US, and at the same event, member of a national panel of experts on: The Ownership of Knowledge: Who Can Lay Claim to What?
  • California League of Middle Schools, Annual Conference, Burlingame, California, 1994: Tradition and Change for Women of Guatemala and India. CCSS, Los Angeles, California, 1994: Tradition and Change for Women of Guatemala and India.
  • Council of Math and Science Educators of San Mateo County, at Canada College, Redwood City, California, 1993: India – Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies.
  • California Department of Education, Title IV Desegregation Program, South-West Regional Labs Center for Educational Equity, Western Region Magnet Schools Consortium, co- sponsors of Title IV Conference, Burlingame, California 1993: From My-Culturalism to Multiculturalism -Positive Self-Images for Minority Students.
  • CCSS, San Diego, California, 1992: British Raj in India: Lesson Plans and Strategies for grade 10 and Ancient India for grade 6, Lesson Plans and Strategies.
  • CCSS, Santa Clara, California, 1991: Taking on the Challenge of Democracy and Diversity – Incorporating Indian views of India’s History, and The Story of India/British Raj in India.
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