Mukherjee, Lopa

Lopa is a writer of fiction, essays, poems, plays, documentary scripts. She is conversant in English, French, Sanskrit and a number of Indian languages. She lives in Silicon Valley, California, and works as a software architect.

In her novel, Three Rivers of Tears, she has interwoven her passion for history and her skill as a playwright, and has created an unforgettable tale.

She did her post graduation in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. While there she won several writing competitions, and was the editor and a regular contributor to the campus magazine.

She has taught Sanskrit and spiritual literature written in Sanskrit. She writes plays, and has directed and acted in some of them. She experiments with scriptwriting and has made several documentary films, e.g. on the Bangladesh War, Sri Aurobindo's life, Fairy Tales, the Diaspora, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Alaska, Turkey.

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