Mello, Daniel

Daniel Mello is an aspiring psychological researcher, novelist, and a devotee of the natural world. As a 2011 McNair Scholar and a 2011-2012 Sally Casanova Scholar, he and his team have presented prejudice reduction research and a proprietary multicultural excellence training methodology at academic conferences throughout California, Hawaii, and Florida. As he works toward an eventual professorial position, Daniel is endlessly inspired by the resonant theories of Carl Jung and the ancient mystique of countless spiritual teachings from around the world. Yet, whenever an opportunity presents itself to escape the arid dunes of academic manuscript creation, he willingly plunges into the dynamic sea of young adult fantasy fiction.

During the first few years of his undergraduate academic career, Daniel was confronted with sporadic visions of a young lady trapped within the despotism of her native kingdom. He listened intently as she struggled with her own destiny, empathetic to the excitement within her spiritual exploration and her passion for expressive freedom. Before he knew it, Lythina Graham stole away his heart, fueling his inner muse to transcribe her amazing journey from Heaven to Hell and back again within his first full-length novel Wind.

Five years later, the tribulations and triumphs of Lythina's quest continue to inspire Daniel's curiosity to investigate humanity's relationship with legend, archetypal energy, and the natural world. As such, he is urged onward to uncover just what awaits within Hyrendell's shadowed past and unpredictable future! Daniel is now attending graduate school at UC Merced.

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